A Fall for Adam



The sun was shinning in on Adam as he lay in bed with his black shirt and jeans still on. Boots at the side of the night stand, the morning was cold, and Adam relaized he had left the window open last night. Recalling the night before, Adam had a slight grin on his face. That younger brother of mine, is getting to be quite the big man. Adam knew Hoss's gental side, but he also thought he knew when to stop before he went to far with Hoss. As Adam rubbed his backside and lower back he decided he had underestamated his little brother. It all started when Adam came back from town, in a very faul mood. He had know intentions of getting into it with Hoss, he knew how Pa, felt about fighting in the family. But he just couldnt stop himself. Reflecting on the events that unfolded the day before Adam smiled again. It was late in the day, the spring air was chrispt. Hoss and Joe were in the barn tending to thieir chores. Adam had a bad day and was in know mood for talking.

How ya doing older brother, Hoss said with a big grin on his face. Im just fine, Adam quiped back. Joe was very sinitive to Adam's mood and decided not to say anything at all Hoss I thought Pa told you to fix that fence on the far 40 today! When I went by it was in the same condiction that it was a week ago. Now big brother know need to get yur dander up, Pa decided to have you fix it tomorrow. Oh sure, always me, why can't you two do anything around here to help. Hoss looking at his brother could not believe he would say such a thing. Adam you know better then that. We all carry our load around here. Will not always, Adam quiped back. Joe was backing away from this, it looked like his big brother was going to be getting a good smack in the jaw. But to Joe's surprise Hoss started to walk away from his smaller brother, Adam quickly grabbed Hoss's arm. Adam I think you need to cool off. Oh you do, do you! Will I have been cooling off all day in town, doing business and I am cooled off enough. At that Hoss picked up his smaller yet older brother and carried him like he would a gunny sack to the water trough. He threw Adam in the water trough like a rag doll. Adam went down with a thud in the water hitting his backside and lower back on the side of the trough. He came up sputtering and spitting out the water. He was furious, but was not in any possion to do much. He got out slowly and definetly and graped Hoss by the arims pushing him around the yard with know luck in manuvering him into the water trough. Ben came out the door, yelling at his boys. What in tarnation are you boys doing? As Hoss looked back towards his Pa's voice, Adam almost got Hoss into the water, but Hoss stuck out his leg so as to triip Adam who in turn fell again into the water. This time when he came out he was laughing. "Will younger brother, I guess you have got the best of me tonight." Again Ben yelled, what is all this about. Adam came out of the water trough leaving a big puddle of water around him. I guess Hoss thought I needed to cool off pa. Yeah pa, nothn to worry about. Hoss and Joe begain to laugh, at Adam standing there wet head to toe. Adam put his wet black hat on his head, and as he walked he stuck his left leg out as to shake the water from his pant leg, then alternated to the right. Hoss, Joe and Ben then begain to laugh again. Adam turned and gave a half hearted smile. Good night gentalmen he said as he tiped his wet hat at them, and slowly went into the house and up to his room. After drying off, he decided to put another black shirt on and dry jeans, and fell asleep almost emmedidly, until morning shone through his window. "will I guess I best get busy with that fence" he said to himself as he reached for his boots, realizing they were still wet he got up and grabbed his other pair of boots. Down the stairs he saw Pa but the boys were not there. Adam sat down slowly wenceing at the pain that shot through his lower back down to his backside.

Where's Hoss and Joe? Adam questioned, out fixing the fence. Ben said not taking his eyes off Adam. So you do all the work around here son? Ben said with a twenkle in his eye. Adam lowerd his head. Pa, I was having a bad day, I know we all do our share. Will son, I think that you do more then your share at times, but I wanted you to fix the fence cause I had other plans for your brothers. Pa, I will go out there and finish up the fence. No you won't, I have something else for you to do young man. Pa said in his most serious voice. Adam gulbed his coffee he had just taken a sip of and looked at his Pa, thinking ok now I am going to get a lecture. Pa still looking at Adam gave him a big smile, your not going to fix the fence because you are going to take the day off. Adam looked at his pa in disbelief, pa? Even after last night? I was as mean as a wildcat last night. will maybe so pa replyed, but a wildcat that got his cumins up. Ben laughed making Adam laugh too. I guess I have been a bit grumpy lately. Will son you also have been working very hard. So have a great day, and relax. Thanks Pa, Adam said very apprative of his Pa, and his brothers who he loved so very much.

The End