Hoss Cartwright had to babysit his nephew Mitch. The father of the boy, Adam Cartwright, had to leave for business. Ben Cartwright, owner of the Ponderosa Ranch, and his youngest son Little Joe were in Virginia City.

Mitch was very attempting. With all the ease of the world he climbed with his age of six years old in the highest tree and could stay there easily the whole day. But not that special day when his big Uncle Hoss had to babysit him. It was bad weather so they choose to stay indoors.

After breakfast Hoss, Mitch and the Chinese cook were alone at home. The cook was busy with the dishes.
“Mitchy, shall we ask Hop Sing if he has those delicious donuts for us?”, asked Hoss.
“We just have eaten. Are you hungry again?”, Mitch asked amazed at his turn.
“You know that I am always hungry”, answered Hoss.
“That is true”, Mitch assented to.
He kept silent for a second and looked at then at his Uncle smiling.
Hoss noticed right away that Mitch was hiding something for him. To get to know that Hoss gave him a treatment. He picked up the boy and carried him to the settee. They sat down.
“You hide something for me, Mitchy Cartwright! Tell or I give you the tickle death”, Hoss said teasing.
“I hide something for you? Don’t make me laugh. I wouldn’t dare”, Mitch said dry.
“I know you through and through. Each time when you are hiding something for me you look at me smiling”, said Hoss.
“Do you know what you get for your birthday from me and daddy?”, Mitch asked to change the subject.
“If you only give me a drawing for my birthday , that is alreayd more than enough”, said Hoss.
“A cookbook so that you can cook too”, his nephew answered.
“Very funny. But what are you hiding for your most charming and strongest Uncle?”, asked Hoss asked at a super sliming tone.
“I wouldn’t dare to hide something for you”, the boy reacted.
Hoss didn’t take no for this answer and began to tickle his nephew in his sides. Mitch screamed it out of laughter, but didn’t tell his Uncle nothing.

In the kitchen Hop Sing heard the screaming of Mitch. He came to the living room and saw what the matter was.
“Mr. Hoss, leave little boy alone. Or Mr. Hoss no donut!”, the cook said strict.
Hoss stopped right away with tickeling Mitch when he heard the word “donut”.
“Saved by the cook”, Mitch said laughing.
“Dear Hop Sing, would you like to make coffee for me and for Mitchy a glass of milk, please?”, Hoss asked bland.
“If Mr. Hoss promises not to tease tickle little Mitch anymore”, said Hop Sing.
Hoss put his hand on his heart and said solemnly, “Hereby I promise never to tickle Mitchy again.”
“Can I have that in writing?”, Mitch asked sneaky.
“You can also go too far Mitchy Cartwright!”, Hoss warned teasing.

Hop Sing went back to the kitchen to make the requested coffee.
Mitch came to sit by Hoss and asked, “Do you know why you may nevercome into the kitchen?”
“Tell me that”, said Hoss said curiously but also worried about the answer.
“Because you eat everything right away”, the boy answered.
Hoss sighted deep and said, “
You always know how to spoil my mood. Your father and Uncle have there also a little way in that.”
“Looking at your hands they are very big. A lot of donuts fit there in”, Mitch remarked dry.
“Now you are talking about donuts, come on nephew”, said Hoss.
They got up and walked to the kitchen.

While Hop Sing was already busy with supper Uncle and nephew Cartwright came into the kitchen. On the kitchen table was a big dish with delicious donuts.
“Mitchy sit down. We are gonna test the donuts for taste”, said Hoss.
“Mr. Hoss like no donuts because Hop Sing has made them with cheese and carrot taste”, said the cook.
“Hop Sing, you cannot do that to me? I don’t like carrots and cheese”, Hoss said indignant.
“I do. May I have one?”, Mitch asked polite.
Hop Sing nodded. Mitch grabbed one and ate it. Then he grabbed another one.
“They both are delicious. The one with cheese and the one with carrots”, said Mitch.
Hoss looked at the donuts, but didn’t pick one.
“Uncle Hoss, do you know why carrots are good for your eyes?”, asked Mitch.
“Well?”, asked Hoss.
“Have you ever seen a bunny wearing glasses?”, his nephew asked laughing.
“Ha ha, very funny”, Hoss said indignant.

Since that morning Hoss distrusted each donut Hop Sing made.