Bonanza Legacy


Ben:  "Today's story will be read by the Barb L."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.


Barb L.

Title: Love Cuts Both Ways
Rated:  PG
Summary: This is a What Happened Instead story about Candy and Lisa Campbell from the BZ episode “The Stalker.”

Title: To Hoss With Love
Rated:  G
Summary: Smarting from a recent romantic rejection, Hoss is comforted by the last person he ever expected to see.

Title: Safe Harbor
Rated:  PG13
Summary: Adam joins the Nevada Rangers to help protect Nevadans from violent drifters from the dying Confederate States of America. Note: Although there were no Nevada Rangers, there were Arizona and Texas Rangers, and I modeled the Nevada Rangers after them. James Nye was Nevada’s last territorial governor, immediately preceding its first state governor, Henry Blasdel.

Title: Blizzard of Destiny, part 1
Rated:  R for adult situations
Summary: Adam is rescued from a raging blizzard by a young woman who changes his life permanently..

Title: Desert Destiny
Rated:  R for adult situations
Summary: Hoss finds the love of his life, marries her, and then loses her the next day. He will stop at nothing to get her back.

Title: Destiny Next Door
Rated:  R for adult situations
Summary: Little Joe falls in love for keeps with a girl he grew up with, but he is surprised at the way they are suddenly and permanently thrust together.

Title: No More Birthday Parties, Thank You
Rated:  PG because the plot is about the kidnapping of children, and also because there is a scene containing brief, moderate violence
Summary: One of Adam’s sons and one of Joe’s sons are kidnapped and held for ransom. One of Adam’s impetuous eldest sons—without permission—joins the posse that is hunting the captors, and he learns an important lesson about taking risks and being a hero.

Title: Brothers and Friends
Rated:  G
Summary: This is a look at the interactions between brothers, some ordinary and others life and death. This is the second story following my Adam/Hoss/Joe “Destiny” series.

Title: It's Just for Now
Rated:  G
Summary: Adam’s oldest son, Nolan, prepares to leave for college in Boston. He and his family begin to realize what they have meant to each other over the years. This is the third story in my Adam/Hoss/Joe “Destiny” series.

Title: The Homecoming, part 1
Rated:  PG
Summary: Adam plans a holiday surprise that will affect everyone in the family, far more than he expects it to. This is the fourth story in my Adam/Hoss/Joe “Destiny” series.

Title: The Homecoming, part 2
Rated:  PG
Summary: Adam and Mary Lynn search for their missing son, Nolan. Adam’s spirits flag, but his wife insists her son is alive. This is the fifth story in my Adam/Hoss/Joe “Destiny” series.

Title: Logan's Bride
Rated:  PG
Summary: A new young lady in town can barely tolerate the overly confident Logan Cartwright, but circumstances keep bringing them together. This is the sixth and last story in my Adam/Hoss/Joe “Destiny” series.