Bonanza Legacy


Ben:  "Today's story will be read by Cindy."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.



 The Guitar
Rated: PG-13 (for spankings, but not too bad)
Summary: While Ben is taking care of his best friend’s daughter, she proves to be a handful and causes problems especially for Adam.

Title:  The Littlest Bandits
Rated: PG-13
Summary:  Little Joe and his friends get so caught up in reading stories about “The Great Adventures of Leroy Calhoun-Outlaw of the Wild West,” that they come up with a scheme that gets them all in serious trouble with the law.

Title:  Wildflower
Rated: PG-13
Summary:  Margaret’s young niece comes to live with her and Tess, and she becomes infatuated with Ben and does any and everything to try to prove to him she isn’t just a girl, but a grown up lady.

Title:  Chaos at the Ponderosa
Rated: PG-13
Summary: An old friend of Ben's asks him to take in his daughter while he and his wife go on their long awaited honeymoon. Ben and the boys regret ever agreeing, because Mary causes total chaos in the Cartwright home.

Title:  Bad Associations Spoil Useful Habits
Rated: PG-13
Summary: This is a Little Joe story. It's about how he chooses the wrong crowd to be friends and gets himself into a whole lot of trouble.