Bonanza Legacy


Ben:  "Today's story will be read by Krystyna."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.


Krystyna Woollon

Title:  Slipping Through My Fingers
Rated: (G)
Summary:   The story of how Jane Halcrow met Adam Cartwright as a little girl and fell in love with him.  But when they meet again, Adam is courting Laura Dayton!
Title:  The Lion Cub
Rated:  (G)
Summary:  When Joseph Cartwright insists on going on his first cattle drive at 14 years of age, it leaves his brothers with a number of problems and - can Adam deliver on his promise to his father to keep little brother safe?
Title:  Mea Culpa (My Sin)
Rated:  (G)
Summary:  The dreams that haunt Adam reach far back into the past but what danger do they present to him and his little brother now?

Title:    Loved and Lost
Rated:  PG
Summary:  Joseph Cartwright gets a shock when Lucinda Cooper arrives at the Ponderosa claiming to be Bens daughter!   How will this affect the close bond between father and son?

Title: And Amen to all That
Rated:  G
Summary:  This story deals with a situation that changes the relationship between Adam and Joe.  As Joe faces death he has to come to terms with past memories and hostilities.

Title:  Kane's Legacy
Rated:  G
Summary:  Post traumatic stress syndrome is a new name for a condition that has afflicted many for generations. In the case of Adam Cartwright it could be called The Legacy of Kane.  The misery it inflicts on Adam forces him to return to Eastgate where he renews old acquaintances and has new adventures.

Title:  Touched by an Angel
Rated:   G
  This is Millie's story and how she fell in love with a gentle man who saw only her inner qualities and did not seem to notice that she did not come packaged like most young ladies in Virginia City

Title:  The Sword of Damocles
Rated:  G
Summary:   Joseph Cartwright faces his worse nightmare when a horse throws him and sends him headlong down a cliff to land on a ledge overhanging a raging river.  Unfortunately no one knows that he's there.

Title:  The Widow
Rated:  G
Summary:  This is a whn story from The Countess which brings a little romance for Ben and a nostalgic bond from the past for Adam and Ben.

Title:  Journey to Death
Rated:  G
Summary:  An impromptu journey to Genoa leads to a disastrous encounter for Adam and the girl he loves, Jane.

Title:  The Choice
Rated:  G
Summary:  An event that took place in Virginia City two years previous returns to haunt the Cartwrights and Ben is forced to make a very unpleasant choice as to which of his three sons must die.

Title:  The Outlaws
Rated:  G
Summary:  This story introduces us to a younger Ben, Roy and Paiute Scroggs.   It tells us how 10 year old Adam tries to protect his little brother Hoss, his Pa and Hop Sing from outlaws that have come upon the Ponderosa

Title:  The Story of a Gentleman
Rated:  G
Summary:  This is the story of how Hop Sing met the Cartwrights and about his past, seen through his memories.

Title:  Veroon
Rated:  G
Summary:  Adam is injured in a saloon brawl and falls in love with the beautiful Veronica 'Veroon' Sadler.  He also falls headlong into a conspiracy of murder.

Title:  The Ravine
Rated:  G
Summary:  After a stage coach crash, and despite his injuries Adam has to save a widow and her son from the dangers of the ravine.

Title:  To Soar on Albatross wings
Rated:  G
Summary: While Adam Cartwright is away at sea his brother, Joseph, begins to realise that there is a lot more beyond the Ponderosa borders to discover, and one doesn't have to go to sea to find it.

Title:  To Fly With Eagles
Rated:  PG
Summary: Joseph leaves the Ponderosa and finds true love, and adventure which brings Adam and Hoss into great danger.

Title:  Captain oh My Captain
Rated:  PG
Summary: Joe faces his worse nightmare after an accident during a stampede while Adam is sent to to retrieve confidential papers from a lady in Alaska. This is the third in the Captain Cartwright series

Title:  Rainbow
Rated:  G
Summary: Two lost little boys spend time with Hoss during a storm

Title:  The Commodore
Rated:  G
Summary: At a time when Ben risks losing the Ponderosa Adam is called back to sea. Hoss and Joe both fall in love but only one finds his way to the altar.

Title:  Invictus
Rated:  PG
Summary: There's a new Cartwright on the Ponderosa and Adam learns how to ride a camel as well as meeting up with an old adversary.

Title:  Carpe Diem
Rated:  PG
Summary: Adam is sent away on an assignment that is to have longlasting and near fatal consequences. Life on the Ponderosa has problems and sorrows, as well as joys, and Joe has a mission of his own.

Title:  A Good Day for a Hanging
Rated:  G
Summary: This tells the events leading up to the story show in The Avengers. It explains how Hawkins got control of the town, and manipulated people and events that would lead to the deaths of Adam and Ben Cartwright.

Title:  A New Command
Rated:  PG
Summary: Adam faces up to a debilitating injury and the loss of his family who are under the threat of the Chinese Tong due to the death of Jiang Peng. Romance beckons however, and maybe, just may be, a wedding.

Title:  A Duty to Live
Rated:  PG
Summary: This is the eighth of the Captain Cartwright series and follows ĎA New Commandí.

Title:  Genesis - The Ponderosa
Rated:  PG
Summary: This story is a journey through time...after Ben is given a trunk full of old papers and documents he and Adam begin a journey of discovery touching on historical events (researched) that touched the lives of their ancestors, both Cartwright and Stoddard.

Title:  The House That Adam Built
Rated:  G
Summary: Ben has the dream of building his Eden but all his ittle boy wants to do is build a house. This story tells how both achieved their dream but goes beyond that to the time when Adam realises he needs to follow a dream of his own.

Title:  All Those Tomorrows
Rated:  PG
Summary: Adams past returns to persecute him, while Roy's resignation creates new and difficult problems for the town. A new Cartwright makes an appearance ...

Title:  Written in Stone
Rated:  PG
Summary: While Adam is absent from home the families back on the Ponderosa have drama's and heart ache of their own to face ...

Title:  Home is the Sailor
Rated:  PG
Summary: Adam is now a family man home from the sea at last but a long shadow reaches out from the past to touch the lives of the Cartwrights seems nothing is as safe as it seems, not even secrets

Title:  The Iron Horsemen
Rated:  G
Summary: It is the winter of 1877 and during the harsh blizzards Adam and Olviia's children are lost. This story tells about the iron like qualities the Cartwrights have to develop in order to locate a child.

Title:  There will always be rainbows
Rated:  G
Summary: Daniel O'Brien's journal create more interest than Adam Cartwright can handle, especially when events from the past become a mystery for the present.

Title:  No Greater Love
Rated:  PG suitable for over 13
Summary: A burning cabin, a couple murdered, a stranger left lying wounded nearby. Could Little Joe have murdered them? Can he get away with murder by pretending he can't remember? Will he hang when brought to trail?