Bonanza Legacy


Ben:  "Today's story will be read by Rowan."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.



Title:   A View of the Open Sea Part One
Rated:   PG
Summary:  As Hoss prepares for marriage, Ben and Adam travel to San Francisco on business. But the coming change in his family has Ben contemplating his own future. What should his role be at this stage of life? Learning to love again is part of the answer.

Title:   A View of the Open Sea Part Two
Rated:   PG
Summary:  It’s the spring of 1864 and Ben Cartwright has a full schedule: He’s in charge of drafting Nevada’s new constitution, he’s recovering from an ill-fated love affair, and he’s preparing for Hoss’ wedding. But nothing goes as he expects—opposition to statehood grows violent and the reluctant object of his affections comes to visit the Ponderosa.

Title:   A View of the Open Sea Part Three
Rated:   PG
Summary:  Ben is in love—but what comes next? Adam and Joe explore the meaning of law and order … and for Adam, life’s really about a kid and a crazy horse.

Title:  The Adventures of Sport:  A Night on the Town
Rated:  G
Summary:  In town with his friends Chubb, Cochise and Buck, Sport waits for the Cartwrights to finish dinner . . . and then he’s enticed into the kitchen of the International Hotel by the siren song of his favorite beverage:  champagne.

Title:  The Adventures of Sport:  The Long Way Home
Rated:  G
Sport pays the price for having his fun in the International Hotel kitchen.  Somehow, he has to stagger home. That’s a bit of a challenge—and not only for him.  Adam has a fine time as well.

Title:  The Adventures of Sport:  The Night They Invented Champagne
  How Sport discovered that he had a taste for the bubbly, aided and abetted by Chubb, Adam, and a classy madam named Colleen.

Title:  The Sound of Satisfaction
  A spoof of the Cartwrights’ romantic lives.

Title:  The Adventures of Sport:  The Spirit of the Season

Rated:  G
Summary:  On an atmospheric Christmas Eve, Sport tries to figure out what this nonsensical human holiday is all about.

<>Title:  At the Sign of the Four Dragons
Rated:  R, for lifestyle of story locale
Summary:   In the decadent hell of the Barbary Coast, Joe goes missing—and Adam, Hoss and Ben engage in a desperate hunt to find him. But where the only laws of nature are power and greed, nothing is as it seems.