Bonanza Legacy


Ben:  "Today's story will be read by Sarah."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.


Sarah S.

Title:  The Hard Ride
Rated: G
Summary: This story explores what might have happened had Adam stuck around the Ponderosa and attempted raising a daughter on his own.  The first little adventure of what I hope to be many, on the series of Adam and Carrie Cartwright.  Carrie learns why certain rules are set for her, whether she likes them or not.

Title:   Good Intentions, Unwanted Attentions
Rated: G
Summary: This is the second story in the "Carrie and Adam" series.  Carrie gets the notion that she needs a new ma and picks out the 'perfect' mate for her father.  Things do not go quite as planned however, and Adam is in for quite a surprise.

Title:  Too Many to Count
Rated:   G
Summary:  The third story in the "Adam and Carrie" series, Carrie runs into bigotry and racism as she befriends three children who are half-Sioux.  Carrie is determined to help her impoverished friends, and with her father's
assistance, realizes just how "lucky" she is.