Bonanza Legacy


Ben:  "Today's story will be read by the Territell."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.


Territell Walker

Title:  Boy to Man to Boy
Rated:  PG13
Summary:  Joe the boy was anxious to become the man only to find that in many ways he wished to remain the boy.

Title:  The Loss of a Child
Rated:  PG
Summary:  Ben is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of his child

Title:  A 'Special' Child
Rated:  G
Summary:  Joe learns a lesson in understanding and comes face to face with a prejudice he can't change.

Title:  The Greatest Love of All
Rated:  G
Summary:  Maria shares her bed with a stranger who steals her heart.

Title:  Play Before Bedtime
Rated:  G
Summary:  After an argument with Adam, Joe rides off from the ranch in anger and into trouble.

Title:  Home is Where the Heart Is
Rated:  G
Summary:  Ben finally returns to the Ponderosa after the death of Marie.

Title:  The Best Days of Our Lives
Rated:  PG13
Summary:  Follow up to Boy to Man to Boy - Two years have passed but Little Joe encounters Frank Carter once more.

Title:  To Become A Man
Rated:  PG
Summary:  Final story in the saga of Boy to Man to Boy and The Best Days of our Lives. The whole family are caught up in the search for Frank Carter. After a shootout the Cartwrights receive news that infers that Carter is dead, but Joe's terror is not over yet.

Title:  The Shooting
Rated:  PG
Summary:  Adam and Joe are having a quiet drink in Virginia City when the town is turned into a battlefield.

Title:  The Fairness of Life
Rated:  PG-13
Summary:  Joe falls passionately in love and  Ben is concerned about some aspects of Joe's behaviour.  Adam is the only Cartwright to have reservations about the girl that has entered Joe's life.

Title:  Looking Death In the Face
Rated:  G
Summary:  The thoughts in your head when you are about to die. Little Joe knows his time is up but the suffering starts long before the bullet is fired.

Title:  Did They Ever
Rated:  PG-13
Summary:  As Adam and Joe sit round the campfire, Adam regales an incredulous Joe of their first meeting with Julia Bulette. A meeting that got both Adam and his Pa into big trouble with Marie.

Title:  The Alternative Nativity Story
Rated:  G
Summary:  An unmarried mother arrives at the Ponderosa for Christmas. How will the family cope with the impending birth?

Title:  Betrayal
Rated:  PG13
Summary:  Joe is tried and convicted of murder. Is he guilty? Everyone including Joe thinks he is. Adam sets out to prove Joe's innocence but will he be in time to save him from the hangman's noose?

Title:  A Little Piece of Heaven
Rated:  PG
Summary: It's a very hot day and two Cartwright sons decide to go swimming naked in the lake. Unknowingly Little Joe causes Adam to give the visiting ladies a glimpse of ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’!!

Title:  The Resilience of Youth
Rated:  G
Summary: Joe is broken hearted when Molly dies in his arms. In his distress he disappears causing his family to mount a desperate search to find him.

Title:  What's in a Name
Rated:  PG13
Summary:  When Hoss falls in love it causes a rift between him and his youngest brother, which has an effect on them all. Unbeknown to the family, the girl's uncle has a dark secret that threatens to destroy all their lives.

Title:  Marriage Customs
Rated:  G
Summary:  Joe has to get married or does he??

Title:  The Survival Instinct
Rated:  G
Summary: Three of the Cartwrights are taken captive and left to die. How will they escape and track the gang that are using Joe to carry out their evil plans.

Title:  Lost Loves - Gone But Not Forgotten
Rated:  G
Summary: After the death of Alice, Joe reflects on the people he has lost in his life. He needs his big brother’s support, but Adam has not been heard of for three years.

Title:  Paradise Lost
Rated:  PG-13
Summary:  Adam has the chance to expand his ‘education’ before going to college, but little brothers, fallen angels and his ‘creator’ have different ideas.

Title:  Humble Pie
Rated:  G
Summary:  As Adam and Joe lock horns, Adam finds 'humble pie' is on the menu again and again.

Title:  What fate Decrees?
Rated:  G
Summary:  The tragic events that devastate two families, bring them together once more twelve years later.

Title:  Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave
Rated:  PG13
Summary:  When Charley joins the cattle drive, he causes one headache after another for Joe and his family. Only Joe is aware that Charley is not all he seems!!

Title:  A Father's Duty
Rated:  G
Summary:  There are some tasks a father is called upon to perform that are not as welcome as others.