The reason

By Nanuk


Joe: Just let me down, Hoss. Let me down!!

Hoss: Now you jus' simmer down, ya hear?

Joe: Let me go! You don't know what he did!

Hoss: What did he do?

Adam: What did I do?

Joe: You know exactly what I'm talking about!

Hoss: Adam?

Adam: I do?

Joe: You DO!

Adam: Ah.

Hoss: Well?

Adam: Huh?

Hoss: What did' cha do?

Joe: Just tell him if you have the guts.

Hoss: Could'cha please stop wriggling for a minute here? I'm tryin' ta
concentrate. Adam?

Adam: I have no idea.

Hoss: What?

Joe: Coward.

Adam: Look who's talking.

Joe: Say that again.

Adam: What?

Hoss: Huh?

Joe: He called me a coward.

Hoss: He did?

Adam: I did?

Hoss: When?

Joe: Let me GO!!

Hoss: Didn't I tell ya ta simmer down?

Adam: You did.

Joe: Argh!

Hoss: Huh?

Joe: Would you mind? Take your foot off my toe.

Hoss: Oh. Sorry.

Adam: Are you finished?

Joe: Yes!

Hoss: No!

Adam: Great! Now what?

Hoss: You tell me!

Joe: Hoss!

Hoss: What?

Joe: I need to breathe!

Ben: What are you arguing about?

Adam: Don't know. I forgot. Joe?

Joe: Can't remember.

Hoss: You were angry at Adam.

Adam: He was?

Joe: Can't remember. Adam?

Adam: Nope. Why?

Hoss: Because of ...; somethin'.

Ben: I see.

Adam: I'm sure.

Ben: Adam!

Adam: What?

Joe: Pa?

Ben: YES?

Hoss: What did you want?

Ben: What?

Adam: When you came  in here...;

Ben: I forgot.

Adam: I see.


On the couch in front of the TV a girl turned towards her friend.

"Is that the reason why we never see any of them do any real work?"

"Has to be."

You're sure?"


"I see."

The end