Hop Sing Quit, Go Back China
Lynne G.

" Mr. Cartlight ! Hop Sing go back to China. Little boy cause mischief all day ! Hop Sing quit !" Hop Sing ranted loudly.

A very nervous Ben looked up at his friend and took a deep breath not sure if he really wanted to know what his five year son had done now.

" Now hold on just a minute Hop Sing and please tell me what Little Joe did this time ," Ben pleaded.

" Hop Sing tell little boy to get eggs for Hop Sing and he leave kitchen and walk to hen house to get eggs. He bring Hop Sing the eggs, but he forget to close gate to chicken pen and chickens run all over yard and some come into kitchen. Little boy giggle. He think funny to see chickens run around yard in house too. It not funny ! Hop Sing have to get chickens back in pen and close gate !"

" Then at lunch Little Joe sneak up behind Adam just as Adam take drink of hot coffee. Little boy say ' boo ' and that scare Adam and he drop coffee cup, it break and he spill coffee all over table cloth, on himself and on floor. Little boy giggle when Adam yell out!"

" Hop Sing want to make little boy clean up mess, but Adam say he clean up mess. That make Hop Sing glad."

" Then Hoss come through house with mud all over boots and that make muddy prints all over once clean floor. Little boy think mud on floor mean he think he can play in mud ! He get all dirty and Hop Sing have to clean up floor again and clean up little boy !"

" Hop Sing have no time for all foolishness ! Hop Sing quit, go back to China !" Hop Sing ranted again.

Slowly shaking his head, Ben looked up at Hop Sing trying to think of something to say to calm him down.

" I am so sorry Hop Sing. Please don't quit. We need you to take care of us and we all love you very much. I'll have a talk with the boys, especially that little green eyed curly haired imp. Please stay Hop Sing. PLEASE !" Ben begged.

Hop Sing knew that Ben would keep his word, so he looked at Ben, and replied, " Hop Sing stay, need to take of Cartlight family." He then left the room and returned to his kitchen for a much needed cup of tea.

Ben gave a big sigh of relief that Hop Sing wouldn't quit after all.

The End