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Stories can be submitted through email to
Katja or Erika

All stories must be submitted  in Microsoft Word. Do not submit in HTML.

Story Submissions must include:
    Authors Name
    Full email address
    Story Rating
    BRIEF story summary

If stories contain sexual content, readers must email author for stories.

We must be notified if story contains explicit or excessive language and/or violence so warnings can be posted for readers.
Please rate your stories appropriately.

Ratings Guidelines:

G =  Acceptable for all ages.

PG =  May contain harsh language.

PG 13 = 
Content may contain adult language, general fight scenes and spankings.

R = 
Content contains adult language, sexual content, violent death of a child or adult individual, excessive violence or absuive situations.  May not be suitable for all readers.

Writeins = Contains explicit sexual content and/or graphic torture.

There is a new rating system that will take effect immediately on Legacy. All new stories MUST be submitted with a rating before a story will be posted.  If a story contains strong or graphic violence, strong language, implied sexual content or death of a minor, a warning MUST be submitted along with the rating. Any story that contains sexual content or graphic torture will remain as a write in story.

We do not have the time to read and edit every story that comes in posting.  It is the responsibility of the author to post this warning in the email when submitted the story.
If you are not sure whether your story needs a warning, please inform one of us and we will scan the story to help you determine the proper rating.  If the author requests one of us to scan their story, it will cause a slight delay in the timing it takes to post it.

The readers will have to take responsibility on stories that bear these warnings.
Clicking on the link that will be provided assures us that you have been made aware of the warnings posted.

Site Librarians will not correct grammar or spelling.

Please email the authors to let them know you've enjoyed their stories. Our authors work very hard on their stories and appreciate your feedback to let them know their efforts are valued and enjoyed.

No plagiarized works will be accepted on this site.  If any story is found to be plagiarized it will be removed from the site.