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b. May 18th 1928 d. January 24th 2010


The man in black took up the slack, whenever his brothers messed up.

He tried to be firm, but always gave in, whenever Joe looked like a little whipped pup.

For many years, through laughter and tears, the four Cartwrights brought us much joy.

And it was a very sad day, when Adam rode away, and Pa lost his oldest boy.


And now we, too, have lost Pernell, the last one of the clan.

We admired him for his principles, and his fight for his fellow man.

It may not have made him popular, but that didn't matter, we knew,

As, just like a Cartwright, he would always stand up, and fight for the rights

of the few.


Rest in Peace, Pernell

Little Joe forever


Michele I had a gut feeling even before I opened the e-mail about Pernell that
it was terrible news. I wish I'd been wrong.

If it's any comfort to us, I'm reminded at times like this, of what the
rabbi who officiated at my dad's burial over 10 years ago said. It was
to the effect that sometimes God takes the best to feast at His table.

I'm sure Pernell is feasting and in the company not only of God, but of
his Bonanza co-stars, Dan, Lorne and Michael.



Where did he go? Where did he stray?
What prompted Adam to go away?

To the land down under or across the sea
The speculation is ludicrous, it's sheer lunacy

I hear you all question - Where and why
Here's the answer - the simple reply

No where did I where did I roam
NEVER, EVER did I leave my home

There I am standing off to the side
Beaming with honor, radiating family pride

My Pa, my brothers, always on the go
As together we gallop across the meadow

But for a crystalline view
Here's what you must do

Look up to the sky - look way up high
Those four stars twinkling - those sparks in your eye
Pa, Hoss, Little Joe and Me

The Cartwrights together for eternity


So many times I held you close

Too close, I think sometimes,

But now I have to let you go

I mourn, I weep, I ache,

While others behind the veil

Cry out with joy to see you.

And the Father's arms enfold you,

Somehow, I too can feel them

But again...I weep for myself.

My arms unfold and release you

Letting go of what was,

To embrace the present

With an echo...of the past...


To Pernell Roberts

You will be missed, but remembered and loved forever.

I knew you as Adam Cartwright, Ben's eldest son, big brother to Hoss
and Joe. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me smile, I
loved to hear your voice in song.

You will forever ride across the great Meadow as Ben, Adam Hoss and
Little Joe. Thanks for the memories.


The trail I leave behind me makes me long for peace and rest
I often ponder past regrets yet I know I did my best
I let some judge and scorn me but never favored them
a reply I always stuck to my guns,
I held my head up high Fair weather friends passed through my life,
lovely ladies came and went I always did all I could I gave a hundred percent
I was strength where it was needed,
I was a soft place to land I never turned away from those who sought a helping hand
My family came first and foremost, I loved them more than life itself
Thought material things were abundant, it was they who held my wealth
A wealth of laughs, of fun and warmth of never ending love
It was there always between us and I was well aware of Who would be there
should I fall, who would keep me safe and warm Who could come to my defense,
who would give shelter from the storm It is them I often dream of though
gone all of this time I know I soon will see them just as I've seen them in
my mind The end now looms before me, this truth that I have known
We will soon be all together and they will guide me home
Now I hear them riding hard and I see them just feet away I swing out
of the saddle, not as I did in my younger days My brothers smile warmly,
a familiar laugh and playful punch Then they hug me so long and tightly,
I let out a painful grunt
And then he's there before me, the one I've longed for all these years
And he wraps his arms around me as I shed my grateful tears Then
together we turn and face the meadow on the horizon He smiles pats me
on the back and says. "Let's ride Son."


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