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Jan '58

Desire Under the Elms

Peter Cabot

With Sophia Loren

Jan '58

The Sheepman


With Glenn Ford


Ride Lonesome

Sam Boone



Errand Boy

Adam Cartwright


May '67


Jigger Craigin



Four Rode Out

U.S. Marshall Ross



Kashmiri Run

Greg Nelson

Aka "Tibetana"

Dec '69

The Silent Gun

Sam Benner


Sept '70

San Francisco International

Jim Conrad


Jan '72

The Bravos

Jackson Buckley


Feb 72
The adventures of Nick Carter Neal Duncan  

Apr '72

Assignment: Munich

C.C. Bryan


Apr '75
Dead Man on the Run Brock Dillon  
Oct '75
The Deadly Tower Lieutenant Lee TV-movie
Oct '75
The Lives of Jenny Dolan Camera Shop Proprietor  
Paco Pompiho  
Oct '76
Captain and Kings Beaithwaite TV-Miniseries
Jun '77
Charlie Cobb: Nice Night for a Hanging Sherrif Yates TV-movie
The Magic of Lassie Jamison  
Nov '78
The Immigrants Anthony Cassala TV-Miniseries
May '79
Night Rider Alex Sheridan  
May '79
Hot Rod Sheriff Marsden  
Nov ''80
High Noon, Part II Marshall J.D. Ward  
Dec '81
Incident at Crestridge Major David Hill  
Apr '87
Desperado Marshal Dancey  
Jun '88
Night Train to Katmandu Prof Harry Hadley-Smythe TV-movie
Around the World in 80 days Captain Speedy  
Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin Sports Entreneur/Murder Victim  
Donor Dr. Martingale  
Checkered Flag Andrew Valiant  

TV-series/shows (main character and guest appearances) credits

Series Episode Character Extra info
Hollywood Screen Test     30 minutes
Nov '56
Kraft Television Theatre Shadow of Suspicion   Season 10, ep 8
Nov '57
Gunsmoke How to Kill a Woman Nat Pilcher Season 3, ep 12
Dec '57
Sugarfoot Misfire Salt River Smith Season 1, ep 7
Jan '58
Trackdown The Reward Bannion Season 1, ep 13
Feb '58
Matinee Theatre The Hearts Desire Hassan Season 3, ep 92
Feb '58
Shirley Temple's Storybook Rumpelstiltskin Count Schoenfeld Season 1, ep 2
Feb '58
Sugarfoot Man Wanted Deuce Braden Season 1, ep 12
Whirleybirds Search for an unknown man Reynolds Season 2, ep 6
Apr '58
Have Gun Will Travel Hey Boy's Revenge Maury Travis Season 1, ep 31
Apr '58
General Electric Theatre No Hiding Place Phil Season 6, ep 26
May '58
Tombstone Territory Pick up the Gun Johnny Coster Season 1, ep 31
May '58
Matinee Theatre Much Ado about Nothing 1 Don John Season 3, ep 154
May '58
Matinee Theatre Much Ado about Nothing 2 Don John Season 3, ep 155
Jun '58
Zane Grey Theatre Utopia Wyoming Jet Mason Season 3, ep 29
Jun '58
Shirley Temple's Storybook Sleeping Beauty Thorabore Season 1, ep 8
Oct '58
Shirley Temple's Storybook Hiawatha Pau-Puk-Keewis Season 1, ep 12
Nov '58
Shirley Temple's Storybook The Emperor's New Clothes Count DeSpard Season 1, ep 15
Nov '58
Northwest Passage The Assassin Capt. Jacques Chaves Season 1, ep 10
Dec '58
Zane grey Theatre Pressure point Lew Banning Season 3, ep 9
Jan '59
General Electric Theatre The Stone Abner Season 7, ep 16
Mar '59
Lawman The Posse Fent Hartley Season 1, ep 23
Mar '59
Cimarron City Have Sword Will Duel O'Hara Season 1, ep 23
Mar '59
Alcoa Presents One Step Beyond The Vision Sergeant Vy Season 1, ep 10
Mar '59
Bronco The Belles of Silver Flat Rev. David Clayton Season 1, ep 14
Apr '59
77 Sunset Strip Abra Cadaver Tony Grey Season 1, ep 28
May '59
Buckskin A Question of Courage Oscar Season 1, ep 37
Jan '60
The Detectives House Call Rod Halleck Season 1, ep 16
Bonanza   Adam Cartwright 186 episodes
Sept '62
Ranch Rodeo   Himself Ponderosa City
May '63
Naked City The S.S. American Dream    
Jan '64
Route 66 Child of the Night   .
Mar '64
You don't say Game show Pernell Roberts  
Dec '66
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. The Little John Doe Affair Joey Celeste Season 1, ep 13
Dec '66
The Virginian Long Journey Home Jim Boyer Sr. Season 5, ep 13
Apr '67
The Big Valley Cage of Eagles Patrick Maddigan Season 2, ep 30
Sept '67
The Wild Wild West Night of the Firebrans Sean O'Reilley Season 3, ep 2
Oct '67
Mission Impossible Operation Hearth Pres. Beyron Rurich Season 2, ep 7
Nov '67
Gunsmoke Stranger in Town Dave Reeves Season 13, ep 1
Dec '67
CBS Playhouse Dear Friends Lenny Marshall Season 1, ep 3
Jan '68
Ironside To Kill a Cop Frank Vincent Season 1, ep 18
Oct '68
Mission Impossible The Mercenaries Col. Hans Krim Season 3, ep 4
Oct '68
The Big Valley Run of the Cat Ed Tanner Season 4, ep 4
Oct '68
Name of the Game Chains of Command Hank Season 2, ep 5
Nov '69
Lancer Welcome to Genesis Banning Season 2, ep 8
Mar '70
Mission Impossible Death Squad Chief Manuel Corba Season 4, ep 24
Jan. '71
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors A Matter of Priorities Dr. Bartell Season 2, ep 6
Jan '71
Alias Smith and Jones Escape from Wickenburg Sam Finrock Season 1, ep 3
Mar '71
Hawaii Five-O The Grand Stand Play 1 Lon Philips Season 3, ep 23
Mar '71
Hawaii Five-O The Grand Stand Play 2 Lon Philips Season 3, ep 24
Mar '71
Name of the Game Beware of the Watchdog Ernie Subich Season 2, ep 22
Mar '71
The Virginian Wolftrack Stranger Season 9, ep 23
Sept 71
Marcus Welby M.D. The Tender Comrade Roger Bentley Season 3, ep 1
Jan '72
Night Gallery The Tune in Dan's Cafe Joe Bellman Season 2, ep 15
Jan '72
Alias Smith and Jones 21 Days to Tenstrike Terence Tynan Season 2, ep 15
Oct '72
Owen Marshall Counselor at law The Trouble with Ralph   Season 2, ep 6
Nov '72
Sixth Sense I Did Not Mean to Slay Thee Paul Pettigrew Season 2, ep 7
Nov '72
Banacek To Steal a King Donneger Season 1, ep 5
Feb '73
Marcus Welby M.D. The Day After Forever Tom Boyd Season 4, ep 23
Mar '73
Mission Impossible Imitation Boomer Season 7, ep 22
Oct '73
Mannix Little Girl Lost George Fallon Season 7, ep 4
Marc '74
Hawkins Candidate for Murder Senator Griffin Season 1, ep 8
Mar '74
Police story Chief Charlie Rivas Season 1, ep 20
Oct '74
The Odd Couple Strike Up the Band or Else Billy Jack Season 5, ep 6
Nov '74
Nakia Roots of Anger Matt Haywood Season 1, ep 10
Feb '75
Police story To Steal a Million Sal Grosser Season 2, ep 16
Sept '75
Medical Story Test Case Dr. Louis Kinoy Season 1, ep 3
Oct '75
The Adventures of Ellery Queen The adventure of Colonel Niven's Memoirs Rosh Kaleel / Barney Groves / Major George Pearson Season 1, ep 7
Nov. '75
Wide World Mystery Alien Lover Mike Season 4, ep 80
Dec '75
Bronk Deception Collicos Season 1, ep 12
Jan '76
Cannon The House of Cards Cleary / Phil Denton Season 5, ep 17
Jan '76
Six Million Dollar Man Hocus Pocus Mark Wharton Season 3, ep 16
Mar '76
Jig Saw John Death of the Party Roger Season 1, ep 8
Apr '76
Bert D'Angelo/Superstar A Concerned Citizen   Season 1, ep 7
Sept '76
The Quest The Last of the Mountain Men Calder Season 1, ep 13
Jan '77
Barnaby Jones Testament of Power Mr Matthews Season 5, ep 13
Jan '77
Switch Camera Angles Barnes Season 2, ep 16
Feb '77
Baretta The Reunion Johnny Hillman Season 3, ep 16
Feb '77
Quincy M.E. Visitors in Paradise Sheriff Connely Season 2, ep 4
Mar '77
Most Wanted The Driver Bailey Season 1, ep 16
Mar '77
Police Woman Deadline: Death Wagner Season 3, ep 23
May '77
Streets of San Francisco Breakup Charley Finn Season 5, ep 21
May '77
Feather and Father Gang The Golden Fleece Meminger Season 1, ep 7
Jun '77
Westside Medical Risks Walt Dahlman Season 1, ep 6
Nov '78
Man from Atlantis Shoot-Out at Land's End Clint Hollister Season 1, ep 10
Feb '78
Rockford Files The House on Willis Avenue B.J. Anderson Season 4, ep 21
Apr '78
Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries Arson and Old Lace Fire Chief Madison Season 2, ep 21
Oct '78
Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries Assault on the Tower Detective Superintendant Molly Season 3, ep 3
Oct '78
Quincy M.E. Death by Good Intentions Dr. Charles Banning Season 4, ep 4
Nov '78
Centennial For as Long as the Waters Flow General Asher Season 1, ep 4
Nov '78
Centennial The Massacre General Asher Season 1, ep 5
Nov '78
Vega$ Miliken's Stash Pete Sedgewick Season 1, ep 7
Apr '79
The Paper Chase A Case of Detente Professor Marc Justin Season 1, ep 21

Sep '79 /
Sep '86

Trapper John Dhr. John McIntyre   151 episodes
Nov '80
Vega$ Aloha, You're Dead part 1 Mr Logan Season 3, ep 1
Nov '80
Vega$ Aloha, You're Dead part 2 Mr Logan Season 3, ep 2
Nov '80
The Love Boat The Mallory Quest 1 & 2 Brian Mallory Season 4, ep 5
Nov '81
Battle of the Network Stars CBS Team Captain Himself  
Mar '82
Night of the 100 Stars All-star variety special celebrating the centennial of the Actors' Fund of America Himself  
May '82
Battle of the Network Stars CBS Team Captain Himself  
Sept '82
Hotel Hotel Charles Stanton Season 1, ep 0
Mar '85
Night of the 100 Stars All-star variety special celebrating the centennial of the Actors' Fund of America Himself  
Dec '85
Circus of the Stars   Himself No. 10
Apr '86
National Geographic Realm of the Alligator Narrator  
Code One A reality special about people who jeopordize their lives to protect others Host  
Nov '90
The Young Riders Requiem for a Hero Hezekiah Horn Season 2, ep 8
Sep '91 /
Jun '93
F.B.I. The Untold stories Host and narrator Season 1 & 2
Nov '94
Diagnosis Murder The Last Laugh part 1 Dr. Elliott Valin Season 2, ep 9
Feb '97
Diagnosis Murder Hard Boiled Murder George Fallon Season 4, ep 17
Cold Case Cops Avenging the victims Voice-over  

Stage Credits:

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Date of production
Name of the play Character Place

Extra info

Adroclis And The Lion Ferronis University of Maryland  
Antigone   University of Maryland  
Othello   University of Maryland  
  The Adding Machine   Arena Stage Washington DC  
The Man Who Came To Dinner   Arena Stage Washington DC  
The Firebrand   Arena Stage Washington DC  
The Deletable Judge   Arena Stage Washington DC  
The Taming Of The Shrew Petruchio Arena Stage Washington DC With Nina Foch
Playboy Of The Western World   Arena Stage Washington DC  
Children Of Darkness   Arena Stage Washington DC  
School For Wives   Arena Stage Washington DC  
The Inspector General   Arena Stage Washington DC  
The Glass Menagerie   Arena Stage Washington DC  
Mr Arcularis   Arena Stage Washington DC  
Twelfth Night Antonio Arena Stage Washington DC  
The Scarecrow   Arena Stage Washington DC  
The Importance Of Being Earnest   Arena Stage Washington DC  
Julius Ceasar   Arena Stage Washington DC  
She Stoops to Conquer   Arena Stage Washington DC  
School for Scandal   Arena Stage Washington DC  
Three Men On A Horse   Arena Stage Washington DC  
Dark Of The Moon   Arena Stage Washington DC  
05-08-'50/ 30-09-'50
Faith Of Or Fathers Governor Clinton   Sesquicentennial Amphitheatre Washington DC  
Down In The Valley   Provincetown Playhouse  
St. Joan      
The Lovers Twelfth Night Antonio Jan Has Auditorium
New York
With Joanne
Tonight in Samarkand Angelo Fannacci Morosco Theatre New York  
Romeo And Juliet Mercuto    
Macbeth Macbeth Jan Has Auditorium
New York
Drama Desk
Award for best
Guys & Dolls Nathan Detroit Brattle Shakespear Festival  
07-09-'55 /
Othello Montano New York City Center of Music & Drama  
21-09-'55 /
Henry IV Part ! Sheriff New York City Center of Music & Drama  
Febr. 56
Romeo and Juliet Escaius Jan Hus Auditorium New York  
The Lovers Austrict dela Crux Martin Beck Theatre New York  
June '56
'King John Earl of Pembroke Stratford Connecticut Shakespeare Festival  
June '56
Measure for Measure Barnardine Stratford Connecticut Shakespear Festival  
The Taming Of The Shrew Petruchio Stratford Connecticut Shakespear Festival  
Jan-Feb '57
A Clearing In The Woods George Belasco Theatre New York  
Feb-March 1957
The Duchess Of Malfi Daniel de Bosola Phoenix Theatre New York  
King John      
Measure For Measure      
A Thousand Clowns   Playhouse in the Park Philadelphia  
Oct. 1964
Night Of The Iguana   Playhouse on the Mall, Paramus, New Jersey  
Mid 60's
The Music Man   Playhouse in the Park Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
Camelot King Arthur Kansas City, Kansas & Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  
Tiny Alice Lawyer New Yersey  
Two for the Seesaw Jerry Ryan Atlanta, Chicago  
Aug. '66
The King and I The King Miami, Florida & St. Louis Mo  
The Man Who Came to Dinner   Olevy Theatre Maryland  
Nof. - Dec. '67
Mata Hari Henry LaFarge National Theatre Washington DC Pre-Broadway
Captain Brassbound's Conversion Captain Brassbound Ethel Barrymore Theatre New York 16 peformances
The Sound of Music Captain Von Trapp Sacramento CA  
Welcome Home Harry And Sidney Lindauer Chicago ILL  
Aug. '73 - Nov. 74
Gone With The Wind Reth Butler Los Angeles CA, San Francisco California  
Kiss Me Kate      
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Randall Patrick McMurphy Nyack New York - Westport CT  
Music Man Harold Hill Yonkers New York - Anaheim California  

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