Harry Carey, Jr.  guest starred in several episodes of the western classic Bonanza.

In 1959, Mr. Carey starred as Zach Morgan in the episode "Vendetta".

In 1965, Mr. Carey starred as Shelton in the episode "The Flannel-Mouth Gun".

In 1967, Mr. Carey starred as Mapes in "Judgment at Red Creek".

He appeared with his father Harry Carey in the film Red River in 1948 and was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 2003.

In 1994 Harry wrote a book, “Company of Heroes, My Life As An Actor in the John Ford Stock Company”.

It offers an intimate look at the work of Hollywood film director John Ford through the observant eyes of actor Harry Carey, Jr.   When Harry Carey, Sr., died in 1947, director John Ford cast Carey's twenty-six year old son, Harry, Jr., in the role of Abilene Kid in 3 Godfathers.  Ford and elder Carey had filmed an earlier version of the story, and Ford dedicated the Technicolor remake to the his memory.   Company of Heroes is the story of the making of that film, as well as the eight subsequent classics.  In that, Harry Carey, Jr., casts a remarkable observant eye on the process of filming Westerns by one of the true masters of the form.   From She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Wagonmaster to The Searchers and Cheyenne Autumn, he shows the care, tedium , challenge and exhilaration of movie making at its highest level.  It is the most intimate look of John Ford ever written.

He also gives us insight and original portraits of the men and women who were part of Ford's vision of America:  John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara, Ward Bond, Victor McLaglen, and Ben Johnson.

Funny, insightful and brutally honest, Company of Heroes is a rip roaring god read that presents the remarkable life story of Harry Carey, Jr., and his many and continuing fine performances.

To find out more about Harry Carey, Jr.  order his book, “Company of Heroes, My Life As An Actor in the John Ford Stock Company”.

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