Bonanza Legacy



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Jenny G.
Please leave comments with Gwynne, a dear friend of Jenny's. 

Title:  Two Views: Dual Stories
Rated:  G
Summary:  Dual stories by Cat  and Jenny G  looking at the flexible structure of the Ponderosa ranch house  from two different perspectives.   Does the house seem warm and inviting to you or do you always wonder where
 all those bedrooms come from when guest visit?

Jenny G.
Please leave comments with Gwynne, a dear friend of Jenny's. 

Title:  Pico Pete
Rated:  PG
Summary:  The Cartwrights take in another drifter ~ and find themselves with more trouble than they bargained for.

Title:  Adam And The Chain Gang
Rated:  PG-13.  Violence and abnormal psychology. 
SummaryA dark story.  Snake bitten on the trail, Adam is captured by white slavers, tortured by his twisted captors and sold into hard labor in Canada while his frantic family searches for him.

Title:   Adam's Day Off

Rated:  G
SummaryA just for fun story wherein Adam finally gets a break. 

Title:  All The Shades Of Gold
Rated:  G
Summary:  A rainy fall night at the Ponderosa stirs poignant memories in Ben of his home and his sons.

Title:  Anyone Who Fights With Any One Of Us
Rated:  G
SummaryAdam returns home after long years away to find many changes along with some fond and familiar things.  A story in the Nathan Kincaid series.

Title:  Badge Without Honor:  A Rewrite

Rated:  G

SummaryNever quite satisfied with motivation and outcome in this episode?  Try this version. 

Title:  Emiline Hutton's House
Rated:  G
SummaryA subtlety haunting story written for Halloween.  Caught out in a fierce thunderstorm, Joe and Adam take shelter in a long abandoned house where shadows of the past may still linger.

Title:  Fire In The Sky
Rated:  G
SummaryHoss is the only Cartwright at home when Nathan Kincaid mounts an attack.

Title:  Mary Knox's Christmas
Rated:  G
SummaryChristmas finds Adam far from home.  He takes shelter with a family that needs his help and learns that the spirit of Christmas can manifest in different and sometimes mysterious ways.

Title:  My Place
Rated:  G
Summary:   A Poem

Title:  Peace On The Ponderosa
Rated:  G
Summary:  Sometimes the smallest things can solve the biggest problems, and when no Cartwright wants to go home on Christmas Eve, there has to be something wrong.  A story in the Fourth Wife universe.

Title:  In The Dark Of The Night
Rated:  G
SummaryFirst in the Fourth Wife series.  Ben takes a fourth wife, but the larcenous Boxer clan proves a distraction, and a tragic misunderstanding causes even more trouble.

Title:  Man With My Face

Rated:  G

SummaryAdam picks another dubious friend, and the Cartwrights find themselves held in thrall by a being that brings out the dark sides of their natures.  A Halloween story. 

Title:  Spirits Of The Dead

Rated:  G

SummaryForced to overnight in an ancient burial ground, the Cartwright sons meet up with the unexpected – living and dead.  A Halloween story. 

Title:  Stay Out Of Trouble

Rated:  General with implied sex

SummaryMrs. Hennesey’s Trading Post and Whiskey Emporium provides the Cartwright boys with shelter from some nasty weather and quite a lot more than they expected, or Adam wanted.  A comedy of errors.

Title:  All In A Days Work

Rated:   G

SummaryFollows “In The Dark of the Night.”  On his feet again after being shot, Adam finds his new stepmother ready to give birth, Hoss suffers a toothache, Ben pays a visit to Silver City and Joe finds trouble while trying to be a Good Samaritan. 


Title:  Shadow On The Mountain

Rated:  Some violence

SummaryA hunting trip turns into an ordeal and an exercise in endurance when Joe and Adam are captured by the Shoshoni. 


Title:  The Lengths A Man Can Be Driven To

Rated:   G

SummaryA just for fun story that asks the question, ‘What does it take to drive Adam to desperate measures?’ 

Title:  The Savior

Rated:   G

SummaryA blizzard in the high Sierras is no place to spend Christmas Eve as Ben finds out.  A Christmas tale. 


Title:  The White Shark

Rated:   G

Summary Ben finds trouble haunting him in the business world.  Another in the Nathan Kincaid series.

Title:  The Artist

Rated:  G

Summary:  Just how much trouble can Adam get into while killing time in a sleepy town.

Title:  The  Just And The Unjust

Rated:   G

SummaryThe rain falls on us all, and when the river rises, Adam’s plans take an unexpected turn.


Title:  The Red Stallion

Rated:   G

SummaryWhen Joe and Adam go wild horse hunting, they find more than they bargained for. 

Title:  A Gunfighting Man
Rated:  PG-13  Implied sex
SummaryFollows “All In A Days Work.”  Ben’s family continues to grow while the older members spread their wings, and Adam meets both old and new challenges

Title:  Measure Of The Man
Rated:  G
SummaryAnother in the Fourth Wife universe.  A sweeping story that follows each of the Cartwrights through a season of trials and triumphs.

Title:  Fall Into Darkness

Rated:  PG-13.  Implied sex, violence
SummaryA sequel to “A Gunfighting Man.” In which Adam crosses the country, seeking the answer Harbinger never gave.