Bonanza Legacy


Ben:  "Today's story will be read by Agnieszka Maria."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.


Agnieszka Maria

Title:  The Mother's Day
Rated: G
Summary: The Mother's Day find the Cartwright family apart. But in this family, it is the last of possible days they want to spend without each other.

Title:   A Flicker Of Light
Rated: G
Summary: An accident leaves Adam blind. He copes with it in a way far from rational, gaining surprisingly more light in his light than he had thought.

Title:   Family Apart
Rated: PG (Some Violence)
Summary: A gang leader kidnaps Adam in revenge for his own man gotten killed. This, however, leads to amazing discoveries, as the family apart comes together again.

Title:   A Gift Of Friendship
Rated: PG (A little Violence)
Summary: Ten-year-old Adam encounters trouble with robbers, and if it wasn't for a friendly Indian.

Title:   Hideous Progeny
Rated: G
Summary: Big Foot and his trouble with hunters. And Adam's troubles.

Title:   Mistakes And Misconceptions
Rated: PG
Summary: Adam had been sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit, and it was the last his family ever saw of him. Now, a new ranch hand is discovered to have some information on the subject.

Title:   The Round-Up
Rated: G
Summary: Ben receives a letter from five years ago, written by the wife of his eldest son, that contains important information.

Title:   She Walks Away In Beauty
Rated: G
Summary: A counter-episode to "She Walks in Beauty". This time, Hoss is in the arms of Adam's girlfriend.

Title:   Friend
Rated: G
Summary: On the way from Virginia City, Adam and Hop Sing have an accident. The only pain relief they have are memories and friendship.

Title:   Strength
Rated: G
Summary: Hoss and Adam have an accident, and Hoss' strength and size begin to trouble him for the first time.

Title:   Creatus Arrisum Est
Rated: G
Summary: An unexpected adventure and some equally unexpected help, from the perspective of each of the characters involved.

Title:   The Birth or The Re-Birth
Rated: G
Summary: A bit of fiction on Bonanza and fanfiction.

Title:   Syn Nikogo (Son of Nobody)
Rated:  PG (nic siê niestosownego w³aœciwie nie dzieje, ale o ma³o co - nothing indecent really happens though it almost gets too
Summary: Córka Joe zostaje uratowana przez m³odego Indianina, który robi to niezupe³nie bezinteresownie... W trakcie ró¿nych perypetii dokonane zostan¹ odkrycia, które zaskocz¹ wszystkich bohaterów.
English summary: Joe's daughter is saved by a young Indian, who isn't being  just a good Samaritan... In the turmoil of happenings, discoveries are made  which greatly surprise all characters.

Title:   Son of Nobody
Rated: G  -   Reader's Alert: nothing indecent really happens though it almost gets too close
Summary:  Joe's daughter is saved by a young Indian, who isn't being  just a good Samaritan... In the turmoil of happenings, discoveries are made which greatly surprise all characters.

Title:   Kinda Awesome
Rated:  PG
Summary:  A follow-up to "Family Apart". Tim is back.

Title:   Der Fall
Rated:  G
Summary:  Antwort zu einem Challenge-Thema. Über einen Fall.

Title:  An Arabic Tale
Rated:  PG; alerts (violence) depend on how vivid your imagination is; no explicit descriptions
Summary:  Sheikhs, Arabs, and Cartwrights in the middle of it all

Title:  Airs To Heaven
Rated:  G
Summary:  Adam, a fall and consequences unforseen .

Title:  Building
Rated:  G
Summary:  As much as I can master in the art of building a romance. Ben in love - and a couple of other things thrown in for good measure. The events of this story take place after “Mistakes and Misconceptions”.
While the Cartwright boys are building the new schoolhouse, Ben is building his future with Emily...

Title:  For The Love Of A Son
Rated:  PG
Summary:  Despite various trials, past and recent, the Cartwright family gathers back together, growing in number. Includes all the family and some friends.

Title:  Ojciec nikogo
Rated:  PG
Summary:  Po zjawieniu się na Ponderosie (patrz „Syn nikogo”) Dawid szuka swojego miejsca
English summary:  After coming to the Ponderosa (see "Son of Nobody") David is trying to find his own place there.

Title:  Lequel?
Rating: G
Summary/Résumé: La description de la personne est un exercise de base dans l’apprentisage d’une nouvelle langue. Pourquoi ne pas en avoir du plaisir?
De qui parlent Sophie, Victorie, Marjorie et Julie?
English summary:  The description of the person is a basic exercise in the apprenticeship of a new language.  Why not to have in pleasure?  Which speaks Sophie, Victorie, Marjorie and Julie?

Title:  Die Nacht danach
Rated:  PG
Summary:  Ist Adam in "Einer Frau mit Vergangenheit" wirklich in die Stadt gekommen, nach seinem Gespraech mit Hoss?