Bonanza Legacy


Ben:  "Today's story will be read by Dawn."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.


D.G. Fisher

Title:   Lost and Found Part I
Rated:  G
Summary:  After six years living as a different person with a very full life, how can the missing Cartwright son reconcile his past with his present and with his future? But most of all, does he want to?

Title:   Lost and Found Part II
Rated:  G
Summary:  Adam and his soon to be increasing family go back with Ben, Joe, and Hoss to the ranch for a visit before eventually moving there. Will Adam ultimately regret his decision, and is it really true that you can never go home again?

Title:  Lost And Found Part III  
Rated: PG
Summary:  Adam is being pushed to the limit.  His family has increased by three, enemies attempt to kill him, he loses a dear friend, Buffalo Bill Cody hits town, and his sometimes brilliant, sometimes idiotic deputies continue to be both a help and a hindrance.  Will the pressure finally make him lose his mind?  And more importantly, will he care?

Title:   Lost And Found Part IV    
Rated: PG
Summary:  Just barely surviving the attempts on his life, Adam has his hands full coping with the arrival of new family members and dealing with the holidays.  Now that a new year has been rung in and Adam has received the most heart-breaking and difficult assignment of his career, will he still feel he made the right decisions?

Title:    Lost And Found Part V   
Rated: PG
Summary:  Adam and his deputies go to San Francisco and the arson investigation heats up.  An important announcement is made, Laura shows up at the ranch unexpectedly, and Thea disappears.  Will Adam manage to put Albrecht behind bars?  And when evil strikes so close to home, just how far outside the law is Adam prepared to go?

Title:    Lost And Found Part VI   
Rated: PG
Summary:  Adam spends some time in jail, but receives help from an unexpected source.  His hands are full as usual and everyone breathes a sigh of relief when Hoss and Dora finally get married then return from a two-week honeymoon to settle in at the ranch.  Things become even more complicated when the family increases again, Thea becomes hysterical at unexpected news from Matt, and Hoss puts his foot down for the first time.  Adam’s mind is full of concern about his family, Bentwood Junction, and Marie leaving to visit family in California.  Are Adam’s feelings of unease correct, and will a patient enemy succeed in reaching out to deliver the most devastating blow possible to his family? 

Title:  Lost and Found Part VII
Rated:  PG
Summary:  Adam ends up in a very unexpected place while Thea steps too far over the line.  New friends join the family and Joe's heart could be in danger again.  An old and tenacious enemy reaches out to strike another blow, and Adam and Ted come to an understanding.  Can Adam keep up with the increasing demands of his extended family, and will he ever completely recover from the crushing loss of someone he truly loved?

Title:  Lost and Found – Part VIII
Summary:   Adam’s heart is crushed by Marie’s murder and the search for the killers begins.  Faces from the past keep popping up to the annoyance of almost everyone and Joe is falling in love with an unlikely person.

Will Albrecht get his pound of flesh from Adam and his family, or has he given up and fled?  Will Joe’s heart be broken again, and will more friends be lost in the process of bringing Marie’s murderers to justice?  And is it possible that the Cartwrights have yet to experience the most devastating blow yet?

Title:  Lost - Part I

Rated:  PG
Summary:  Adam left the Ponderosa six years ago to help a friend and lost everything, incuding his identity.  This is the story of those six lost years.  In this prequel to Lost and Found, find out how he met the love of his life, and accepted the most terrible and wonderful of gifts - the opportunity to make himself into the man he chooses to be.

Title:  Lost and Found – Part IX
Summary: The memories of loved ones are carefully tended and shocking secrets are revealed while Laura and Will return and Adam makes a point of letting more than one person know who is in charge. The cycles of life are examined and a heavy burden on Adam's heart is lifted.

Will the Cartwright's extended family rise above their loses? Will Simon Albrecht get the revenge he is seeking, or will he get what he deserves? And if he does, who will deliver it?