Bonanza Legacy

Sadie Richards

Ben:  "Today's story will be read by Sadie Richard."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.


Sarah Hendess (pen name Sadie Richards)

Title: Hardest Goodbye - Book 1 of A HOUSE UNITED series
Rated: G
Summary: As the Civil War approaches, Adam reflects on his college years and the relationship he cultivated with his younger cousin, Josephine.  After graduation, Josephine and her parents visit the Ponderosa for a month of fun, after which Adam must say the hardest goodbye of his life. (Many thanks to Jane Linnegar for being my test subject for this story!)

Title: And the War Came - Book 2 of A HOUSE UNITED series
Rated: PG
Summary: The Civil War has broken out, and Adam travels east to attend his cousin Josie's graduation from medical school.  To get away from the danger of the war, Josie returns to the Ponderosa with Adam, where she must learn to fit in to a new way of life as she struggles to establish herself as a doctor.  (Thanks again to Jane Linnegar for all her feedback and support!)
*NOTE: This story picks up immediately after Book 1, so it is best to read the stories in order.

Title: Thenceforward and Forever Free - Book 3 of A HOUSE UNITED series
Rated: PG for brief language
Summary: As 1861 draws to a close, the Cartwrights enjoy their first Christmas with Josie on the Ponderosa.  But 1862 brings a number of challenges, from Adam disappearing in the desert to an influenza epidemic that threatens the entire town.  Meanwhile, Simon Croft continues to express romantic interest in Josie, much to Adam's consternation. 
NOTE: This story makes the most sense when read in after books 1 and 2 in the series.  Thanks always to Jane Linnegar for help with the details - especially the name of that dang mule in "The Crucible!"

Title: Fervently Do We Pray - Book 4 of A HOUSE UNITED series
Rating: PG
Story Summary: 1863 has arrived, and the Cartwrights face a hard winter. Their faith in God and each other is tested as both Ben and Josie face life-threatening situations and Adam must trust his instincts - and the local Paiute tribe - to save them. And in the end, they will all have to trust one another to endure a visit from some surprise visitors.

Title: The Better Angels of Our Nature - Book 5 of A HOUSE UNITED series
Rating: PG-13 for mild language, a make-out scene (nothing explicit), and crude humor
Story Summary: The Cartwrights have been visited by Josie's mother, Hannah, and Josie and Adam's strict aunt, Rachel Stoddard, who immediately makes friends with the most annoying woman in Virginia City. Tempers flare as Josie and Rachel butt heads, but romance is in the air, too, as Adam catches sight of Virginia City's new seamstress. As Simon intensifies his and Josie's courtship, both Adam and Josie have to come to terms with no longer having each other's undivided attention. But when Little Joe winds up in trouble, the family comes together to rescue him, and even Rachel develops a new-found respect for Ben Cartwright's family. Note: This story makes the most sense when read in sequence with the previous four. Infinite gratitude to Jane Linnegar for helping me keep our beloved Adam in character!

Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past - A HOUSE UNITED story
Rating: G
Story Summary:It's December 1849, and Adam is spending his final Christmas in college at his Aunt Rachel Stoddard's home in Boston along with his Uncle Jacob, Aunt Hannah, and nine-year-old cousin, Josie. It's shaping up to be a normal holiday when Adam and Josie unexpectedly run into an old friend of Adam's mother and Adam realizes how close he is to his mother's grave and faces the emotional decision of whether or not to visit. NOTE: This story takes place during my first "House United" story, "The Hardest Goodbye," but I have included enough exposition that this story can be understood without having first read any of the "House United" series.

Title: The Stormy Present - Book 6 of A HOUSE UNITED series
Rating: PG13
Story Summary:The summer of 1863 has arrived, and Adam's relationship with Molly deepens. But Molly's younger brother, Fionn, manages to cause trouble for Josie and Simon. Meanwhile, Little Joe concocts a scheme that leads to an adventure on Lake Tahoe for him and Josie, Ben gets chased by Widow Hawkins, and Hoss goes jewelry shopping. NOTE: This story assumes the reader has read the first five books of my A HOUSE UNITED series. Thank you, Jane Linnegar, for all your helpful suggestions and your keen proofreading eye!

Title: With Charity for All - Book 7 of A HOUSE UNITED series
Rating: Rating: R for implied sex (email author for explicit version)
Story Summary: As the Cartwrights spend summer and autumn of 1863 building Hoss's new house, Adam realizes he's fallen in love with Molly O'Connell.  Josie's friendship with Molly's brother, Fionn, deepens, all four young Cartwrights sneak out of the house, Josie and Adam plan their trip to Sacramento, and Chief Winnemucca surprises Josie with an early birthday gift!

Title: With Malice Toward None - Book 8 of A HOUSE UNITED series
Rating: R for implied sex (email author for explicit version)
Story Summary: Adam takes Josie to Sacramento for her birthday, and on the way home, the pair of them find themselves in a pickle when they bump into two bank robbers, and Adam must trust Josie to take control of a dangerous situation.  When they return home, Josie, Little Joe, and Fionn find themselves in another pickle when their apple cider doesn't turn out quite as planned. 

Title: Singular Deliverances and Blessings - Book 9 of A HOUSE UNITED series.
Story Rating: R for implied sex
Summary: As the Cartwrights prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving 1863, Adam lands in bed with a bad cold, and Josie receives some unexpected news from Simon.  But when Fionn arrives on the Ponderosa gravely ill, Josie finds her allegiances changing.  Meanwhile, Hoss's wedding day arrives, and Adam finally gets to present Molly with a very special piece of jewelry.

Title: In for a Penny, In for a Pound
Story Rating: PG
Summary:  Fourteen-year-old Adam and his best friend Ross find a bottle of whiskey in the Marquettes' hayloft and decide to recreate Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine.  What could possibly go wrong?  NOTE: While this story was inspired by a comment Ben makes in Book 8 of my A House United series, it is unnecessary to be familiar with the series to enjoy this story.

Title: Tracking Sasquatch - A HOUSE UNITED story
Story Rating: PG
Summary: Summary: It's been raining forever, and 8-year-old Little Joe is bored.  When Hoss tells him a story about seeing the Sasquatch in Oregon, Little Joe and his 9-year-old cousin Josie concoct a plan to track one down on the Ponderosa.  NOTE: This story is related to my "House United" series, but there is enough background information provided that you do not need to be familiar with the series to enjoy this tale. 

Title: Je T'aime, Ma
Story Rating: G
Summary: Eleven-year-old Adam never wanted another stepmother, but now that Marie is on the Ponderosa - and six months' pregnant - there's little he can do but be polite and try not to think of the beloved stepmother he lost.  But when Ben goes away on a business trip and Marie is injured, Adam must ride alone for help.  Along the way, he realizes that things have a way of becoming precious even when you don't intend them to.

Title: Rise with the Occasion - Book 10 of A HOUSE UNITED series
Story Rating:R for implied sex (email author for explicit version)
Summary: As the Cartwrights adjust to life with Hoss away from home, Adam and Molly start planning their own wedding. Josie and Fionn's relationship heats up, and Josie and Little Joe find themselves in a real "mess" when they agree to pick up a gift for Molly.

Title: A Cause We Believe to Be Just - Book 11 of A HOUSE UNITED series
Story Rating: R (email author for explicit version)
Summary: Adam's wedding day finally arrives! As he and Molly settle into married life, Simon Croft returns to Virginia City hoping to mend his relationship with Josie, who is more in love than ever with Fionn. When Adam, Fionn, and Simon go after some cattle rustlers, one man will make the ultimate sacrifice to save another

Jane Linnegar
Sarah Hendess (pen name Sadie Richards)

Title:  " Things that go 'Bump' in the Night..."
Summary:In an instance of 'When Worlds Collide...', Adam and Beth Cartwright, and their kids, from Jane Linnegar's "Trilogy Stories" (and her follow up stories " Mixed Blessings..." and " A King's Ransom..." ) get a surprise visit from Adam's cousin, Dr. Josephine ( 'Josie ' ) Cartwright from Sadie Richards' 'A House United ' series. In this first comedy collaboration, Josie has moved to Nevada to open her medical practice. Mayhem ensues when Adam and Beth's eldest daughter, Sarah, spots an old homestead on the Ponderosa, that is rumored to be haunted, and draws just about the whole family into a real paranormal adventure...