Bonanza Legacy


Ben:  "Today's story will be read by Charlee Ann."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.


Charlee Ann Baker

Title:   Lost Marbles  REVISED  3/04
Rated:  G
Summary:  The discovery of a long-lost marble in the barn briefly returns the Cartwright boys to their childhood.   A tale of sweet revenge.

Title:  Lifelong Impressions  REVISED  3/04
Rated:  G
Summary:  Adam recalls the day he was impressed by Little Joe.

Title:  And Along Came MaryAnn - Part 1  REVISED  3/04
Rated:  PG-13
Summary:  Seventeen-year-old Adam Cartwright discovers the budding potential of a long-time friend.

Title: And Along Came MaryAnn - Part 2  REVISED  3/04
Rated: PG-13
Summary:  Adolescent antics and a hard decision affect the life of seventeen-year-old Adam Cartwright.

Title:  And Along Came MaryAnn - Part 3  REVISED  3/04
Rated:  PG-13 (Implied Sex)
Summary:   Is Adam really responsible for the Cartwright Curse?

Title:  And Along Came MaryAnn - Part 4  REVISED  3/04
Rated:  PG-13 (Implied Sex)
Summary:  Adam dynamites the Cartwright Curse.

Title:  And Along Came MaryAnn  - Part 5  REVISED  3/04
Rated:  PG-13
Summary: Ben understands the depth of MaryAnn's love for Adam and thanks her for his grandchildren.

Title:  When We All Grow Up Expanded revision
Rated:  G
Summary:  On a hot summer day, Adam buries some treasure, Hoss basks in his belief that he doesn't have to obey Adam if he doesn't want to, and Little Joe tells Adam that he knows all about that day that Pa dragged Adam out of the saloon.

Title:  A Good Man
:  G
:  Hoss cajoles Adam into helping him patch up their injured family cat. Adam and Little Joe are kidnapped and discover they make a make a good team in their attempts to gain their freedom. Adam realizes he has unexpectedly met a good man, which leads him to solidify his own definition of himself.