Bonanza Legacy


Ben:  "Today's story will be read by Julie."
Adam & Hoss:  Making themselves comfortable in their favorite chairs.
Little Joe:  Sitting with his feet on the table.



Title:  Don't Turn Back  Click on title to email the author for this story)
Rated: R (sex scenes)
Summary:  Jenny, a girl from the East with a troubled past, settles in Nevada, where she meets the Cartwrights and comes face to face with her past.   You must be 18 years of age to request this story.

Title:  The Heroes
Rated: PG (Violence)
Summary: Jenny and her family experience problems while living in Nevada Territory. Jared, Jenny's nephew, is getting beat up by a gang, and Jenny turns to Adam for help. Meanwhile, Little Joe rides to her house with important news, but is injured before he can tell her. As Jenny helps care for Little Joe, she has no idea what lies ahead.

Title: Lavender And Lace
Rated: G
Summary: Little Joe's plans to take Ellen to a party go strangely amiss when he arrives at her house.

Title: All the King's Horses
Rated: PG
Summary: Adam is distressed by the disorder, lawlessness, and prejudice in Virginia City after the Paiute War. When restless and hungry Indians help themselves to settlers' food and supplies, Adam is caught between defending the Indians from unscrupulous murderers and defending his own way of life to himself, and leaves his family hanging in the balance.

Title: Andromeda
Rated: G
Summary: At Christmas time, Adam finds a lost stranger who mysteriously appears on the Ponderosa. As one strange event after another occurs about them, the Cartwrights are drawn into the web of mystery surrounding the man. While staying with the Cartwrights, the stranger comes to terms with his painful past, and manages to help a few others along the way.

Title: The Measure Of Grace
Rated: PG (Sensitive Material)
Summary: Adam is late coming home from a trip to one of the mines, and gets caught in a dry storm. He takes shelter with one of the Ponderosa's neighbors, intending to continue home the next morning. Instead, he and his family are caught up in a horrible drama with three runaway prostitutes and their vicious, ruthless vice-lord who is determined to get them back.

Title: More Than Memories
Rated: G
Summary: Ben is alone on his birthday, while his sons are off carrying out various duties for the Ponderosa. He comes downstairs and finds gifts left for him which take him on a journey of remembrance.

Title: The Silver Lining 
Rated: G
Summary: Just before a violent storm, a friend from town brings Ben home injured.  Joe blames Hoss and lashes out at him.  As the truth slowly comes out during a tense night and the following morning, Joe resolves to do what is right, and grows up a little bit.

Title: Cartwright Contemplation and Sierra Splendour
Rated:  G
Summary:  Two drabbles (100-word stories) about the Cartwrights and the the beautiful area that was home to the Cartwrights.